About CCS Innovations


  • about ccs innovations, llc

    Our Approach

    Strategy. it’s everything in business and a fundamental part of our history and philosophy. It’s what drove our group of senior marketing and creative professionals to break away from their corporate and agency jobs and form CCS Innovations® in the first place. It was time to start a different type of marketing firm that caters to small to medium sized businesses who need marketing but can’t support a fully-stocked in-house department. We truly want our clients to succeed. Rather than simply look at a marketing or creative project as another day at the office, we view each as a make or break opportunity for our CCS Innovations, LLC clients. Since many of our clients are small to medium-sized businesses working either entirely without or with limited internal marketing resources, we take the time to understand the need and seek out the best, most cost-effective solution. Our goal is to be the first call our clients make when they have a need and understand that our own success will only be achieved through excellent customer service, high quality products and affordable pricing.


    Our senior marketing and creative professionals have worked with clients ranging from businesses with a handful of employees through big brands such as Coca Cola and Revlon. Along the way we’ve helped our businesses earn Inc. 500 and Business Journal “Fastest Growing Company” titles, grown Fortune 100 and 500 clients, and launched offices around the world. We excel at both product and service marketing as well as business to business and business to consumer marketing.

    Business Growth Specialists

    We specialize in helping companies grow through targeted marketing and creative services. Whether our client is a 2 person start-up or a Fortune 100 corporation, we treat each client’s marketing or creative need as if it is our own. We will take your business growth goals into account before working on any project, customizing the work to help you achieve maximum results.

  • We Are Client Focused

    Our dedication to customer service coupled with high quality, affordable work has long set CCS Innovations, LLC apart from other firms. We strive to make each client’s latest project experience better than the last, and our clients reward us with repeat business and long-term relationships.

    No Strings Attached

    We don’t believe in forcing clients into expensive retainer packages or projects they don’t really need. Instead, we offer an ad hoc, project-priced approach to all of our client interactions with no strings attached. Use us for 1 project, or 1,000, you’ll still receive our same high quality customer service and project deliverables.