Strategic Marketing Services

  • Our Marketing Services Include:

    • Marketing & Branding Strategies
    • Marketing Communications
    • Online Marketing
    • Marketing & Branding Audits
    • Brainstorming Sessions
    • Trade Shows & Events
    • Marketing Research
  • CCS Innovations strategic marketing servicesWhether you have a current marketing program in place or need to start from scratch, our award-winning CCS Innovations® marketing team will work with you to develop a customized strategic marketing services project that not only targets your buyers but will also work for you business and budget.

    Our senior team will make sure each piece works for your business and market, whether you need a new brand image, brochure or full suite of strategic marketing tools.  We work on a project by project basis, allowing you to tackle business needs as your budget and schedule allow.

    Our strategies are thorough market reviews that look at your buyers, products and competition then lay out a plan for branding your business and achieving positive growth through traditional or online marketing channels – or both!

    We group our marketing services into the categories below, but it’s not an exhaustive list.  Please contact us if you have a need not mentioned below.

  • Marketing & Branding Strategies.

    marketing and branding strategiesWhether you have a current marketing program in place or need to start from scratch, our marketing team will work with you to develop a customized strategy that not only targets your buyers but will also work with your budget.

    CCS Innovations will conduct market research, review your current efforts, the marketplace and your competition while unearthing new options. The result is a thorough report that provides you with steps to improve your brand and grow your business.

  • Marketing Communications.

    communicationsMarketing communications covers a wide variety of marketing pieces you need to create a significant marketing presence and promote your business! The CCS Innovations team understands that effective marketing pieces use clean messaging that convey your business’s story. We assist clients with a wide variety of marketing communications projects that include: Branding & messaging, Collateral


  • Online Marketing.

    CCS Innovations online marketingIs your online presence falling short of expectations? It could need a shot of online marketing to spark excitement. CCS Innovation can handle your paid search, e-campaigns, social media efforts as well as spruce up your web site’s content and messaging.


  • Marketing Audits.

    small business marketing auditDo you have a current marketing program in place but haven’t achieved much success?  Are you looking to launch a new marketing campaign and would like a fresh set of expert eyes to evaluate it before spending too much on advertising and delivery?  Our professional team can look at all or part of your marketing program and evaluate it for brand consistency, style, effectiveness, and more.

  • Brainstorming Session.

    CCS Innovations marketing brainstorming sessionDo you want to launch a new business or revive an existing one? Are you contemplating a campaign and want a fresh perspective? Have you struggled with trying to manage multiple marketing efforts and want help prioritizing? Answers to all of these questions (and more) can be found in our popular, hour-long brainstorming session!

  • Trade Shows & Events

    trade shows and eventsMeeting potential clients and customers at targeted events is a part of any successful business program. The key is ensuring that the message your company shares at the event sells your brand image while succinctly telling your story. This type of marketing is all about catching attention and drawing clients and customers in for more…

  • Market Research.

    small business market researchWould you like to know how your business is perceived in the marketplace? Have you launched a new service and haven’t received much traction? Is your business contemplating making a change that will affect customers and clients? CCS Innovations can create and conduct surveys, focus groups or general market reseach studies that will tell you…

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