• Like it or not, your brand reflects your business’s culture, identity, and how it is perceived by the market.  At CCS Innovations, we understand the power of a strategically developed “brand”, and know that effective “branding” can only be created through careful research and design.

    This is where our experienced branding team shines!

    Whether you’re starting a new business or have been in business for years our experienced and award-winning marketing team can help you develop a brand and branding program that will help your business grow.

    Rather than simply deliver a one size fits all formula, our team will take the time to develop a brand (or re-brand) that matches with your buyers, business, and goals, allowing you to solidify your place within your marketplace.

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  • Branding Programs

    Our branding programs address the fundamentals of branding, namely:

    • We’ll evaluate your culture, values, offerings, and personality, then use these unique business features to reflect your business through your brand.
    • Giving potential buyers an understanding of why your business exists and how its services or products resolve their needs and wants.
    • Quickly conveying a sense of business credibility while simultaneously enticing targeting buyers.
    • Ensuring that your brand “speaks” directly to YOUR buyer.
  • Brand Audit

    We’ll review your brand as both a buyer and a marketer, while analyzing its ability to quickly convey your story, whether or not it targets your appropriate buyer, and if it is unique enough within the marketplace to set your business apart from the competition.

  • Logos & Style Guides

    The most obvious tool in your branding toolbox is a strong, visually enticing logo. We’ll work with our experienced design team to develop a look that helps you stand out while speaking to your buyers. We can also develop a style guide, helping you maintain brand consistency throughout your business efforts.

  • Re-branding / Refresh

    There are times when it’s necessary to refresh or completely rebrand your business to keep it current.  You may find your old brand no longer reflects your business’s position, claim, or audience due to changes within the your marketplace.  We’ll help you stay relevant!