trade show and events

reaching out to your buying audience in person


Meeting potential clients and customers at targeted events is a part of any successful business program.  The key is ensuring the message your company shares at trade shows and events sells your brand’s story in a succinct and eye catching manner that draws clients and customers in for more information.

The CCS Innovations, LLC team has years and years of successful trade shows and events experience.  We have promoted companies at some of the world’s largest events and introduced brands to smaller, single table settings.  We share our expertise with our clients and help develop a trade shows and events strategy that offers the biggest return on their budgets.

Our team can be as involved as our clients need, from writing a simple plan through helping set up and work a booth at larger shows.  We can design booth graphics, manage the various show needs, and create custom promotional materials and campaigns.  We are ever-mindful of our clients’ budgets and tailor our involvement to our clients’ needs and available internal resources.

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our trade show and events work includes

event strategy creation & development

event campaigns, collateral, signage, and presentations

event messaging

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marketing strategies

Bringing the pieces of your business's unique story and goals together into one master plan, a marketing strategy is the best investment you can make to help ensure success and avoid wasteful spending. Our exhaustive strategies are conducted by senior marketers who will deliver a customized road map for your future growth and profitability that not only profiles your buyers and market but will also work with your budget.

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branding programs

As your business’s identity and emotional connection with the world, a strong brand is critical to your marketing progam’s success. We understand that there’s more to developing a branding program then picking a color or designing a logo! Our experienced marketing team will help you develop a brand style and story that will work seamlessly throughout your business.

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marketing communications

Getting the word out about your business's products and services requires a communications program. Collectively known as marketing communications, these efforts cover a wide variety of marketing projects that exist to generate a marketing presence and promote your business. Whether you need a single piece or a full communications program, our team will help you develop clean, straight-forward messaging that’s in your brand’s voice and conveys your business’s story.

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campaign development

As a supplement to your ongoing marketing activities, periodic campaigns can help push special sales, seasonal perks, or boost general awareness. We develop campaigns with our clients' end goals in mind. These can be single-channel or multi-channel and encompass a wide range of communications vehicles, both traditional and digital. Regardless of how its structured, your new campaign will sure to attract attention and present your brand and marketing message directly to your targeted buyers.

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marketing audit

Do you have a current marketing program in place but haven’t achieved much success? Are you preparing to launch a new marketing campaign and would like a fresh set of expert eyes to evaluate it before spending too much on advertising and delivery?  Our senior marketers can look at all or part of your marketing program and evaluate it for brand consistency, style, effectiveness, and more.

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tradeshow & events

Meeting potential clients and customers at targeted events is a part of any successful business program. The key is ensuring that the message your company shares at the event sells your brand image while succinctly telling your story. This type of marketing is all about catching attention and drawing clients and customers in for more individual attention.

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equestrian marketing

Marketing to the equestrian community requires more than a few pretty pony photos. At CCS Innovations we have long-time equestrians and horse owners on our staff, which provides us with an edge when developing marketing and design programs to this unique industry's businesses. 

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