we're celebrating 10 years!

10 years. Thousands of projects.

For our birthday present, we're gifting charities with each new project!

What began in 2009 with a simple request for help from our founder's first client has grown into a respected corporation with clients around the world. 10 years and thousands of projects later, we're extremely  proud of what we've accomplished on our CCS Innovations journey. Cheers to the next successful 10 years!

We couldn't have made it this far without the support of our clients and community, therefore, we are using our birthday as an opportunity to give back. For each new project that we're giving in 2019 we will donate 10% of our profit to support charities that will improve our local communities and impart positive impact around the world.

We will continue to work with our clients and team throughout 2019 to identify worthy charities in addition to the following early choices: