from no growth to explosion

how we helped this tiny, 10 year old company quickly achieve its dreams

Dr. Oh Patch had already struggled through 10 years of business life when its founder was referred to CCS Innovations. We quickly realized that this tiny company that had averaged 2-3 product sales per month could achieve so much more... with our help.

Step 1 for us was to create a full marketing strategy that included both a market and business audit, heavy market research, and competitor review. We then moved onto the planning stage, mapping out next steps to help get Dr. Oh Patch into the world.

Step 2 including a series of promotional efforts. The company had an established brand, packaging, and website that it wanted to maintain, therefore our work focused on promoting the brand and spread the word. After 10 years of trying, the founder's budget was understandably limited. Every dollar had to count. We were judicious in our marketing choices and landed on a series of targeted advertisements, email campaigns, handouts, and an international trade show with accompanying signs.

As our client had no event experience, CCS Innovations went the extra mile and worked the trade show on his behalf. This included set-up and tear-down, engaging clients, and managing the post-show communications.

The result was that a few months after hiring CCS Innovations, the company had moved from 2-3 product sales a month to having product requests totaling over 100,000 from 7 different countries. It additionally had interest from a company wishing to license the products and sell them internationally, removing the owner from the day-to-day business headache while still profiting from the products he had created.

“I had contacted 5 other companies to help me launch my new company and products.  They presented me with professionally detailed materials and proposals, but I was concerned was whether I could TRUST what they were saying and work with them. I had many doubts. Then I spoke with and eventually hired CCS Innovations, LLC for multiple projects and have more planned in the future.

I trust CCS as a major partner in my new company launch.  The marketing strategy they created for me is very helpful. I  could tell right away that CCS did thorough research and spent a lot of time developing the strategy.  I have asked CCS to continue as a strategic business partner as we launch nationally and internationally!”

– Dr. Ough, CEO, DR. OH PATCH, Inc