stay the same or re-brand?

how we helped this established, international organization choose the right branding path

RCI, Inc. is a well-respected international Association that was facing an image challenge when it contact CCS Innovations. Formed in 1983 as a roof consultant’s organization, it had changed its mission over time to cover all planes of a building, not solely the roof. Known as “building envelope,” this field of consulting work had become crucial to the Association’s mission and vision.

This shift to building envelope had not been wholly embraced, with a portion of its old guard membership sticking to the original roof consultant ideology.
Recognizing the need to establish a confirmed brand that is both respectful of its current membership but enticing enough to attract future members, the RCI, Inc. leadership embarked asked CCS Innovations to conduct a brand assessment study and report the results at its annual meeting.

A project as important as evaluating a brand requires a multi-channel approach that solicits opinions from both internal and external sources, audits the current brand, and reviews competitors. For the RCI, Inc. brand assessment, CCS Innovations structured the research phase to cast a wide net within the industry. The timeline on this assessment was tight at a few weeks, which made swiftly pulling information through surveys and interviews critical to the project’s success. The CCS Innovations team accomplished this through the following activities:
• Conducting interviews
• Writing and facilitating a membership survey
• Writing and facilitating an external association survey
• Writing and facilitating an external survey
• Creating and managing social media advertising
• Conducting a brand audit

Participation in these activities, particularly the surveys, was quite high and provided the CCS Innovations team with a depth of data from which to develop the final brand assessment.

RCI, Inc. asked CCS Innovations to present the assessment's findings at its annual membership meeting. We created a full presentation and infographic handout to help present the data.

The result was an easy transition to a new brand name and style.