24 page brochure, total equine veterinary associates

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24-page brochure, total equine veterinary associates

a storybook approach highlighting veterinary care needs at every stage of life

Equine veterinary practice, Total Equine Veterinary Associates, asked CCS Innovations to create a bold new marketing plan that would help them stand out in a competitive market. After carefully evaluating the marketplace and profiling the practice’s targeted clients, we  created the “healthy for life” brand message and accompanying style. We did not change the practice’s name or logo but did adjust the practice’s approach to a bolder, cleaner style with visuals and message that would attract its high-end competitive client targets.

In addition to developing the theme, we created a full campaign of print and social advertisements, email features, and mailers. Anchoring this new brand approach is a 24-page educational book that describes what a horse might need at each stage of his life.